A Word for the Year 2013

I’m celebrating my first anniversary in blogging at WordPress.com and I’m grateful to God for giving me insights to share with the world which I know have been a blessing to many. Even though I have not written as much as your typical blogger, the few blog posts that have been released have truly been insightful, inspiring and life-changing. The reason being, I believe in speaking (or writing) because you have something to say and not finding something to say merely because you want to be heard.

Now to the word for the year 2013. I perceive 2013 to be a year in which we (God’s people) will experience great supernatural favour. Many will enjoy things they did not buy and receive things they did not expect. A lot of things will take place that will be beyond the imagination of those at the receiving end. Many will stand before kings, presidents and nobles not necessarily on account of some extraordinary accomplishments but because God’s favour will magnify even the littlest efforts of His people. I pray for you, that you’ll find favour in all the right places.

In all of this, God will expect His people to grow and exercise their faith like never before. As has been clearly spelt in the Scriptures, it is impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6). There is a lot in store for God’s people to live happy, prosperous and fulfilled in the year 2013. However, we would have to take a hold of these blessings by faith.

In the first few months of the year, things will be committed to many of God’s people and God will be expecting an attitude of faithfulness in handling these things. As His people learn to be faithful with the little that has been committed to them, God will ensure that they are entrusted with much more (Luke 16:10-12). God will endeavour to give His people many things which they can call their own, but before that, He will expect them to be faithful with that which belongs to others. The starting point of having many good things you can call your own is in the extent to which you are faithful with that which belongs to others (e.g. another man’s business, resources, etc.). 

Finally, as you receive God’s favour, He will be most delighted when you extend this favour to others. In doing this, you will receive even more favour. 

As you exercise your faith, be sure it is guided to become the kind of faith that works by love (Galatians 5:6).

You will own many things but do not become high-minded nor contemptuous of others; neither trust in uncertain riches. Rather, trust in the living God who richly and ceaselessly provides us with all things for our enjoyment (1Timothy 6:17). Stay blessed throughout the year!!  



Nothing is small or petty in this life…

Live & Learn

“No man can be happy, efficient, creative at his work when he is unhappy with his situation and lives for another day.  All of us are too prone to postpone our living until some nebulous time when “our ship will come in.”  Nothing is so apt to inject dissatisfaction into our lives as this wasteful attitude toward the most perishable of all things we know – time.  Today, this very day, is the most important time of all, for what we do today determines what we will be tomorrow.   Therefore turn all your attention to your labors of the moment, absorb yourself, take your satisfactions from each thing you do, however humble in your mind.  Nothing is small or petty in this life.  The massive door of a vault swings on the apex of a tiny jewel, and men have become great through learning how to do well the lowliest of jobs.

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